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Van Black

“I used Strong for Performance in 2016 with 47 graduates of a “Managing Your Development Process” that brings aspiring leaders, new leaders and experienced leaders together for both skill development and practice in problem solving about current challenges facing the organization.


“The People Skills and Personal Strengths content is strong, user-friendly, just-in-time and flexible to the many different learning styles of our participants. In combination with the Accountability Coaching that goes with it, Strong for Performance is especially powerful. Our graduates consistently have shared how the exercises, reflections and feedback from the Accountability Coach have helped them grow both personally and professionally.


“We added 19 more participants to our program for 2017 and increased the role Strong for Performance plays in it even further. We continue to find new and creative ways to share the program through our participants to their teams, managers, peers and organizational committees such as on Engagement and Patient Experience.


“In our world where we keep raising the bar while being expected to do more with less, Strong for Performance is a perfect fit.”


Van Black

Organizational Effectiveness Consultant and Coach, Lighthouse Point, FL


See the full case study with video.

“Im committed to helping our student-athletes achieve success in all aspects of their lives. I was doing approximately 15 classroom sessions each year with the team on topics such as clear communication, constructive conflict, leadership, commitment, sportsmanship, and accountability.


"I needed a tool that reinforced these topics and gave players the opportunity to practice them on and off the field.


Read about Holly's success at MSU.


Holly Hesse

Head Softball Coach, Missouri State University

Lavanderia Bethel

“I feel my team is happier and therefore more motivated now. Previously my 'focus' was to assure the operations were executed to standards. Now I am focusing on the people. I have always felt the people make the organization; however, I never practiced that philosophy. The Strong for Performance program gives me the opportunity to really focus on the individual and still incorporate operational goals.


Crystal Barrios

Director, HHS Environmental Services

Ken Hekman

I’ve been a health care consultant since 1990, working with medical group practices to grow their business and increase their profitability. When the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, it shook up my world. One of the most profound effects was consolidation within the medical industry, so I was left to decide whether to try to continue to work with private practices as before or turn my attention to the hospitals that were acquiring many of these practices. The lack of focus created real issues for me and for my business.


“In my consulting business, I was able to make the decision to stick with private practices. The results have been positive and dramatic. November was my best month this year in terms of revenue, and my future bookings are solid for the coming months. My newly developed ability to focus helped me achieve clarity about my best purpose. As a result I also improved my communications with my target market.


“At home, I did not have a clear grasp of my personal goals. Since I started working with Strong for Performance, an ambitious goal emerged: my wife and I decided to plan a trip around the world. By strengthening focus, I have not only set this new goal, I’ve also achieved greater clarity about how to address the specifics required to make it a reality, such as getting ready financially and figuring out how to schedule 3-4 months of time off.


“Strong for Performance has given me an early win in my personal development journey. I’m looking forward to watching how it can benefit my clients as well.”


Ken Hekman
The Hekman Group

Lavanderia Bethel

“Strong for Performance has been very helpful for me. I have found that it allows me to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and work through them by doing activities. I find this method very helpful as Im able to look at parts of me in a different perspective and objectively. I normally tend to over-analyze and try to figure things out logically, but the system has allowed me to slow down, see the weaknesses for what they are and work on them, little by little. Although the program is designed to help you make each learning experience an action, I kind of dread this part because I can no longer just say something and forget it; I have to actually DO it.


“Sometimes, when I go through one of the resources and set an action plan, I say, well at least I finished an exercise and dont have to actually apply it. The program cant see me, but somehow there is this nagging feeling in the back of my mind pushing me to implement the action plan. After this, I have no choice but to complete the action plan I set for myself. Overall, Strong for Performance is great to use.”


Lavanderia Bethel
BAF Financial & Insurance

“The content in this program burrows deep into all of the personal and behavioral areas where I needed help and so much more. I've watched and re-watched the videos, taken the self-assessments, posted the inspirational quotes up in my office, and engaged my own personal network of colleagues in my goals. And all of this in my timeframe...when I most needed it. In one case, I used the tools in the Constructive Feedback section to address a frustrating issue with a colleague and resolved the problem immediately. I would recommend Strong for Performance to anyone who has to lead, inspire, influence or even simply interact with other people!”


Julie Walker
PaperCut Software

Stacy Hunjadi

“Strong for Performance really helps you to grow, expand and stay focused on your goals. I love this system and think it is wonderful for people who want the extra push to improve their performance. It helps get your mind working and stimulated to consider options you might not think about. I especially liked that it helped me identify what Im doing well and what I need to work on.”


Stacy Hunjadi
Fairway Independent Mortgage

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