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Leaders and team members can learn communication and leadership skills
that will allow them to really connect with each other,
improve work relationships, and have a lasting, positive impact on results.

Strong for Performance is an employee development program designed to help your employees master the people skills and personal strengths they need to handle the challenges they face every day on the job.


Schools and universities can teach knowledge, and your training programs can teach business know-how and management skills, but those aren’t enough to guarantee extraordinary results from your employees.

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The SCIENCE behind Strong for Performance

Strong for PerformanceTaking courses, reading books and watching videos can be helpful. But these activities by themselves can’t build people skills and personal strengths.


That’s because developing these core strengths is a lot like working out at a gym to build physical strength. People learn how to do an exercise, but then they need to follow up with lots of practice and repetition. As their muscles get stronger, the exercises get easier.

Improving personal strengths and people skills works the same way. That’s because:

Knowing how to do something is not the same as doing it.

Strong for PerformanceEven if your leaders and employees know what to do, that doesn’t mean they’ll actually do it when they need to.


When people face an unexpected challenge, they usually don’t have time to think about what they learned. They only have time to react. So they automatically do what already feels familiar and comfortable.

That's because old habits are hard-wired in the brain, so people have to literally REWIRE their brains to create the new habits.

With Strong for Performance you get a proven PROCESS for creating positive habits. It's as easy as 1-2-3!


1. Choose ONE area to FOCUS on, and get tips, insights and ideas about what to do.


2. Take ACTION – Apply one of the ideas in a real interaction with someone at work.


3. REFLECT on what they tried, to get insights about what they can do differently next time.


And then they repeat this simple process over and over until the behavior feels natural.

Why do people skills and personal strengths matter?

To handle the challenges they’ll face on the job, leaders and employees will need to engage two core strengths that count more than any others.


These abilities are not formally taught in schools. Most likely your leaders and employees acquired the ones they have through life experience, not in a systematic way.

Strong for Performance

Until now...


Strong for Performance is your virtual personal trainer to help your employees grow stronger in two key areas:


People Skills – The most critical communication skills

Personal Strengths – The top practices for handling any challenge


Strong for Performance

Personal Strengths are the behavior patterns people need to do the hard things in on the job.


Examples include courage, flexibility, self-discipline, effort, open-mindedness and patience. There are dozens of others.


If managers and employees haven't developed these strengths, they may not be able to use them effectively when they're in a difficult situation. Instead, they might respond in ways that cost you customers, your reputation or worse. They could lose their cool, give up too quickly, or get distracted by less important tasks. That’s why people need strengths like composure, perseverance, focus, decisiveness and self-confidence.



The ability to build strong relationships is critical to everything you need leaders and employees to accomplish. Even if they have good work skills and technical know-how, poor people skills can keep them from establishing the kinds of relationships, connections and alliances they need to be successful.


To deal effectively with the people who are important to their job performance, they'll need to be strong in skills like listening, giving and receiving feedback, engaging in dialogue and resolving conflict.

Strong for Performance


How much time will it take?

Strong for Performance  

Once they know their focus, employees just need to spend about 10 minutes each day, looking for helpful tips, insights and ideas that they can apply. The real magic happens when they interact with their co-workers!

Employees can make getting a daily dose of Strong for Performance a habit by using it at the same time each day, such as with their morning cup of coffee.

What employees get with their one-year subscription to Strong for Performance

Virtual coaching 24/7 with…

The Focus-Action-Reflection process for developing new habits

Two dozen people skills videos with exercises and resources

7 types of multi-media exercises for 40 personal strength areas

A virtual personal trainer that guides them to take action and learn from their experiences

A secure, confidential archive for all their completed exercises


Power tools…

Their own private Coaching Network of individuals they choose

A secure, confidential archive for all their completed exercises

Ability to ask for feedback, suggestions and advice from people who care about their success


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